Our Philosophy

We believe children are connected to family and community. We recognise that they are the most important influence on the children as they provide the context for children’s growth and development including the development of beliefs, values, knowledge, skills and attitudes. We aim to provide a warm caring atmosphere as an extension of home where children, families and staff share satisfying and reciprocal interactions through partnerships and communities.

We believe children connect with, make meaning of, and build upon what they know as discovering through play is an essential tool for children’s development and learning. Through interactions and every day experiences children develop and foster an understanding of numeracy, literacy and language which is displayed when children play. Children approach experiences with interest, ownership, empowerment and possibility; therefore we plan experiences which children can participate in and collaborate with. These experiences are based upon shared interests and initiatives. We value and support children’s play by providing opportunities for children to explore and communicate with a range of media and technologies.    

We believe children connect with nature and should have a commitment to a sustainable future.  As educators we encourage and model responsibility, teaching children to respect and care for their environment, property and living things in our natural and built environment. We encourage children in a meaningful way, to explore, observe, experiment and investigate the properties and possibilities of our environment.

We believe children share a sense of belonging, wellbeing, identity and connection to others. We understand that children are valued, trusted and respected as competent and capable learners who come to us with prior knowledge, understandings and experience, therefore we acknowledge each child as a unique individual. It is essential to us that every child feels happy, safe and secure, experiencing continuity, consistency and stability whilst their needs, feelings and ideas are acknowledged listened to and acted upon.

We value children and believe they should be treated with dignity, justice equality and respect. To achieve this we will meet children’s needs in a special and individual way focusing on what each child can do and the wonder of their achievements. Educators will ensure families feel confident in knowing their child is valued by and is talked with, rather than at, by all the adults who are involved in their care and education.

We value mutually respectful and satisfying social interactions and relationships with children and their families, as well as the wider community. We aim to establish a warm rapport with both the children, and their immediate and extended families.

We believe in the importance of a fair, just and collaborative learning environment. We will support children in expressing their feelings, desires and frustrations. We will demonstrate positive behaviours to children using strategies that will build self esteem, self respect and confidence.

We believe children are active participants in building knowledge together by engaging, connecting and collaborating in the learning process with others by being a co-participant, co-learner and co-creator. Children will be supported to investigate, engage and reflect on their own ideas, experiences and decisions through informal, individual and group exchanges.

We encompass our philosophy by the implementation of the Building Waterfalls Curriculum Guidelines and ELYF (Early Learning Years Framework) this requires a commitment to the possibilities, aspirations and dreams for each child’s learning journey.

On reflection, our Quality Improvement Plan (QIP) enables us, at any time to improve all areas of our philosophy including equipment, environment and professional development.